Episode 04 - "President of the House"
Written by:
Steve Joe & Greg Schaffer
Directed by:
Tom Cherones

Hunter relegates authority of the house to Ford, while being addicted to the live showcase of cab confessions on TV. In addition, he tries to communicate more with Chloe by showing what he does at work. Norris lost his power of "President of the House" and feels left out of the loop under Ford's dictatorship, becoming jealous of Hunter's closer relationship to Ford, and has nightmares about the predicament. Ford has been voted as the new "President of the House" and changes much the way how the house should look and operate. Furthermore, he's jealous of Suzanne's newfound independency. Suzanne attempts to make Ford jealous by boosting her independency from her "gay" husband, but later to admit to Chloe that she is miserable without him in the live showcase of cab confessions. Chloe finally calls her father, "dad," while being filmed, along with Suzanne, for the live showcase of cab confessions.

Regular Cast Members

Character Name Actor Name
Joseph "Hunter" Franklin, Jr. Stephen Dunham
Norris Ringo Michelsky David Alan Basche
Ford Geoffrey Francis Lowell John Ducey
Suzanne Margaret Vandermeer Rena Sofer
Chloe Ann Sheffield Niesha Trout
Mom Beans

Guest Stars

Character Name Actor Name
Sal Peretti Ed Marinaro
Katrina Jeris Donovan
Art Critic Liz Ard
TV Anchor Tim Lounibos
Gretchen Amy Powell
Man in Taxi Jimmy Dore
Woman in Taxi Jennifer Courtney
Taxi Driver Ken Davitian

Production Crew and Important People

Occupation Name
Created by Alan Ball
Executive Producers Alan Ball
Robert Greenblatt
David Janollari
Produced by Kent Zbornak
Co-executive Producer Chuck Tatham
Supervising Producers Jill Condon
Amy Toomin
Producer Kirk Rudell
Casting by Bonnie Zane, C.S.A.
Associate Producers Barbara O'Connell
Todd "Spider" Chambers
Co-Producer Chris Downey
Executive Story Editors Steve Joe
Greg Schaffer
Story Editor Rick Nyholm
Director of Photography Thom Marshall
Production Designer Brandy Alexander
Edited by Skip Collector
Unit Production Manager Kent Zbornak
First Assistant Director Shawn Shea
Second Assistant Director Guy Distod
Music by Jonathan Wolff
Costume Designer Lwellyn Harper Thomas
Key Make-Up Bruce Grayson
Key Hair Stylist Maria Yaldivia
Technical Coordinator Pat Dock
Set Decorator Lisa De Los Reyes
Property Master Denise Doner
Script Supervisor Robert Spina
Production Coordinator Marisa Tambornini
Sound Mixer Laura Osborn-King
Re-Recording John Cook
Craig Porter