The Official Lisa Cerasoli Fan Club

You may be wondering why I have a link to Ms. Cerasoli, who only had a guest role in the pilot episode on "Oh Grow Up" as Janet. Well, to tell you the truth, she is John ("Jack") Ducey's current girlfriend, who had starred in General Hospital for quite awhile and had a guest appearance on the show "The Pretender". She seems really nice and really enjoys her fans who adore her.

All Ducey! All the Time!

This is John Ducey's personal webpage. It contains many facts and articles about his adventures through acting and has a small bio page for those who want to know a little more about him.

The Unofficial Niesha Trout Webpage

First Fanpage dedicated to the actress, Niesha Trout.
Thank you Jan Levicek for bringing this site to life.