Niesha Trout Niesha Trout gives a live chat interview for TV Guide via AOL

Tvgchat: Joining us now is Niesha from Oh Grow Up. Thanks for coming to chat.

Niesha Trout: Hi, everyone! I'm kind of new at this, but let's give it a shot!

Question: How did you get cast in the show?

Niesha Trout: Just through auditions basically. I had been auditioning for a couple of years and had had some guest-starring roles on some [shows] and had done a movie, and all that brought me to this show. And I absolutely loved the script and loved the character I was auditioning for immediately. I liked how she was written. I auditioned and it went from there. There was just your normal amount of auditions. It was easier than others I had heard about. There were a few auditions for the executives and then the testing for the network, and that was it.

Niesha Trout: And I got to read with Stephen Dunham, who plays my dad on the show, and we had a really good chemistry that came across in the readings. And I think that was a big reason why I got it, just because he was so easy to act off of. He is so cool. He made it a lot of fun and put me at ease. It helps to audition with other actors and he's good, it just so happens, so it made it all that much easier. Not that it was easy! I was nervous, but I had fun.

Question: Are you anything like Chloe?

Niesha Trout: Well, I'm sure there are parts of me that are like her. There are a lot of things about her that I would like to be, a lot of traits I would like to emulate. And there are parts of me that are not like her, because I've already been [through] some of those experiences that she is going through. So I'm probably not as innocent, but she is a very aware girl, and she is very much an individual. I can relate to wanting to be that. And I can relate to just wanting to get up and leave San Diego and move to New York to be in a new place, start a new life and be a risk-taker. That's always been very appealing to me. She is very into music. We're into different music, but I'm into music as well. And another way in which we're similar would be she's not terribly interested in being a sexy, sexpot teenager. She's just interested in being a real person. And being herself.

Question: What's your show mainly about? Is there really any moral?

Niesha Trout: They display people grappling with moral issues. But there is no preachiness on the show. It is a sitcom, not an after school special. The morals, or let's say the different issues that people are confronting, the show is kind of about taking responsibility. On a very surface level you could say that it is about three guys living together. But the truth of it, and not to get deep, but I'd say what makes the show unique is that it's funny, but people are actually dealing with real problems and being responsible to the things in their lives that are important to them. Or they are trying to find out what's important to them, rather than just joke, joke, joke, which can take its toll on any viewer, I think.

Niesha Trout: We're not trying to take on world issues, but we are trying to make the show character-driven. I think the writers are doing a really good job with that. So the premise of the show just appears to be these three guys living together and their cases of... arrested development. One is gay, one is an artist trying to make that into a career. And you throw Rena Sofer, the ex-wife of the guy who comes out of the closet, and me, the illegitimate daughter, into the mix. The illegitimate daughter of Stephen Dunham a.k.a Hunter. So you throw Suzanne and Chloe into the mix, and you have the possibility for a lot of interesting and funny story lines and bizarre relationships. Yeah!

Question: What is the origin of your name (Niesha)?

Niesha Trout: My dad's really weird! But I am kidding... basically, if you really want to know the story... you could take it with a grain of salt, but I happen to be a romantic, so... my dad said that when he was nine he fell in love with a girl that lived across the street. And he was so smitten he never forgot her. And he loved her name. And he told my mom. She wanted to name me Gina. He told her the name Niesha. She loved it. And they went with it. And she didn't argue because she said he was nine. And Trout, that's not my fault! But it's too late now!

Question: What do you do in your spare time? Do you keep in touch with everyone from your hometown? How has acting affected you? What advice would you give an aspiring actress?

Niesha Trout: I am a poet, I'm trying to publish my book of poetry. I write a lot. I'm reading more now lately, trying to read a lot of classics and classical poetry. I really am into music, I like to go see bands around town. I hang out with my friends, watch movies, go see movies. I'm a clothes horse, and it's actually not funny, it's a terrible addiction I have for thrift stores. And I hang out sometimes with my little brother and I'm very close with my family. I drink a lot of coffee.

Niesha Trout: And I sound like I'm trying to be a beatnik, but I promise it's totally by accident. And I'm not trying to be anything. I don't know how it happened that way! I'm almost embarrassed by what I just said, it's just what I do. I'm very un-Gen X, though. I'm anti! I didn't have a lot of friends growing up, but the friends I did have in high school, I'm totally still close with. I've made a lot of new friends since living on my own. But I still hang out with the few friends that I had in school because they're rad and I love them! And they still put up with me.

Niesha Trout: Acting has been a release for me, very cathartic. It helped me learn about people, behavior and life. Even just the auditioning process alone can humble you. And if you pay attention, you can learn a lot about people. It's a process I think I'll always abhor, but I definitely have learned from it. And I'm learning as I go. And I'm still very new to acting. So the only advice I guess I'd give, just to do whatever it is that you are good at. Even if you are already an actor, find what you are good [at] within acting. Know your craft. I don't. I haven't been classically trained, but there is no harm in really knowing your craft. But it's important to know what your strengths are. And to do things that challenge you.

Question: Ms. Trout, could you tell everyone what movies you have appeared in? Thanks, JMV.

Niesha Trout: Well, I was in "Never Been Kissed," but blink and you'll miss me. I played a ditsy character named Sara. I had a decent part, most of it was cut, but I'm still in the film somewhat.

Question: Hi Niesha, do you have any pets?

Niesha Trout: No. I had a cat, and I know this is really bad, the humane society is going to hate me, but I just kind of let her go into the wild. I had a love-hate relationship. She never knew what she wanted, and I needed somebody more decisive. Somebody not so on the fence about me, you know? Sometimes it's just better to be alone.

Question: How was it making the episode "President of the House"? Do you have fun on the set?

Niesha Trout: All of the shows have been fun to make and I have a blast on the set, mainly because the writers and the crew and the cast all validate one another a lot. And we genuinely get along and have a lot of chemistry. And the crew is a part of that as well. They are all very cool.

Question: What kind of music are you into?

Niesha Trout: I like rock n roll! I've been a Cure fan for a long time. I love Cat Power. I love Fugazi, I love Elliott Smith, and I love Radiohead, Nina Simone, and Cyndi Lauper. And I love Stevie Wonder. I love Bjork, Leonard Cohen, Ministry a lot, Modest Mouth, Siouxsie and the Banshees. Those are my mainstays right now. The Cure will never leave. Ever. That's a forever thing. I don't find myself buying country. And show tunes just seem fake to me.

Question: Who was your favorite person to act with so far and whom do you want to act with in the future?

Niesha Trout: Everybody has been cool. I haven't [done] that many things. It's really hard to say. All I know is the show I'm on now has probably been my best experience thus far. If there are better people to work with than this, then I'm definitely going to do this business for a long time, because they are cool.

Tvgchat: Thanks for chatting with us, Niesha. "Oh Grow Up" can be seen on ABC Wednesday at 9:30 ET. Any words before you go?

Niesha Trout: OK. This has been a lot of fun. Thank you very much for all the very interesting questions. Hope to talk with you guys again sometime soon. Please watch the show. It's on Wednesdays at 9:30 after "Drew Carey" on ABC. Channel 7 usually. Tonight, tonight, tonight! Cause I'll be watching it and laughing hysterically even if nobody else is!! So, take it easy, sayonara, bye!

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