DISCLAIMER: This is not an actual script from the show, nor is it formatted like an actual TV script. This is a transcript, taken verbatimly from the TV broadcast with some action cues and some location headers. If you have not seen the episode and don't want to be spoiled, don't read this. Otherwise, if you want to read it to remember certain lines and scenes, read on ahead.
Real Video is offered just in case ABC does not pick up Oh Grow Up for the whole season. It is not of good quality, but it is watchable. Oh, and it is not downloadable but streamable.
All the real audio/video will be taken down if ABC does pick up Oh Grow Up for the whole season. If they don't, then the videos and audio will be up until March, 2000, after that, you can request directly from me.

Real Audio & Video are now back online!!! If there are any probs, please contact me.

Episode # Title of Episode Real Audio Clip Real Video Clip
01 Pilot click here click here
02 Good Pop, Bad Pop click here click here
03 Love Stinks click here click here
04 President of the House click here click here
05 Marathon Man click here click here
06 Clods & Monsters click here click here
07 Hunter's Metamorphosis click here click here
08 Himbo click here click here
09 Parent Trap ???? ????
10 Parent Trap II ???? ????
11 Duckboy Flies Again ???? ????
12 Title Unknown (never aired) N/A N/A
13 Title Unknown (never aired) N/A N/A
28.8K Modem is needed in order to play real audio.
56K Modem is needed in order to play real video.

For Transcripts:

November 02, 1999 - "Clods & Monsters" has been uploaded
November 06, 1999 - "President of the House" has been uploaded
November 08, 1999 - "Marathon Man" has been uploaded
November 13, 1999 - "Hunter's Metamorphosis" has been uploaded
November 29, 1999 - "Pilot" has been uploaded (thanks to Mike Figueroa for helping with the transcribing!)
December 06, 1999 - "Love Stinks" has been uploaded.
Coming Soon: "Good Pop, Bad Pop", "Himbo", "Parent Trap Part I and Part II" & "Duckboy Flies Again"

I got a so-so copy of "Love Stinks". If anyone has a clean copy, please tell me. I will still post the so-so copy up. Expect it up soon.